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Stuck in Wordbrain 2 Travel(Word Traveller). Here are the answers.
Wordbrain 2 Travel Level 1 – Voyage, City, Souvenir, Suitcase, Safari, Tour, Hostel, Postcard, Photograph, Boat
Wordbrain 2 Travel Level 2 – Insurance, Airport, Countryside, Restaurant, Ferry, Hotel, Mountain, Itinerary
Wordbrain 2 Travel Level 3 – Ticket, Luggage, Landmark, Flight, Caravan, Reservation, Cabin, Village, Customs
Wordbrain 2 Travel Level 4 – Passport, Globetrotter, Resort, Exploration, Food, Backpacking, Railway, Coach
Wordbrain 2 Travel Level 5 – Leisure, Beach, Sightseeing, Cruise, Camping, Lodge, Museum, Camera, Plane, Hiking

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  1. Level 1: voyage. City. Souvenir. Suitcase. Safari. Tour. Hostel. Postcard. Boat
    Leve 2: Insurance. Airport. Countryside. Restaurant. Ferry. Hotel. Mountain. Itinerary
    Level 3: ticket. Luggage. Landmark. Flight. Caravan. Reservations. Cabin. Village. Customs
    Level 4: Passport. Globetrotter. Resort. Exploration. Food. Backpacking. Railway. Coach
    Level 5: leisure. Beach. Sightseeing. Cruise. Camping. Lodge. Museum. Camera. Plane. Hiking

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