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These are the updated answers to Wordbrain 2 Predators (Word Baron 8×8)
Wordbrain 2 Predators Level 1 – Lion, Ferret, Wolf, Hawk, Piranha, Octopus, Serval, Civet, Pangolin, Polecat, Falcon
Wordbrain 2 Predators Level 2 – Bear, Python, Albatross, Shark, Dingo, Jaguar, Coyote, Frog, Mole, Barracuda, Badger
Wordbrain 2 Predators Level 3 – Tiger, Ocelot, Eagle, Alligator, Owl, Jackal, Mongoose, Penguin, Orca, Leopard, Seal
Wordbrain 2 Predators Level 4 – Wolverine, Otter, Raven, Squid, Anaconda, Mink, Cheetah, Osprey, Walrus, Tuna, Hyena
Wordbrain 2 Predators Level 5 – Crocodile, Fox, Dolphin, Tarantula, Lynx, Rattlesnake, Heron, Cat, Stingray, Viper

Stuck in Wordbrain 2 Predators (Word Baron 8×8). Here are the answers.
Wordbrain 2 Predators Level 1
Wordbrain 2 Predators Level 2
Wordbrain 2 Predators Level 3
Wordbrain 2 Predators Level 4
Wordbrain 2 Predators Level 5

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  1. WordBrain 2 word decoder landscape answers
    Level 1 – canal, iceberg, knoll, precipice, moor, tributary, coast, quicksand, crater, grove
    Level 2 – glacier, delta, basin, peninsula, savanna , valley, scenery, forest, orchard, fjord
    Level 3 – marsh, lagoon, ravine, tundra, mountain, vista, panorama, waterfall
    Level 4 – archipelago, cove, prairie, summit, thicket, meadow, cliff, terrain, desert, chasm
    Level 5 – vineyard, gorge, wetland, volcano, lake, beach, rainforest, headland, creek

  2. WordBrain 2 word decoder literature answers
    Level 1 – poet, metaphor, fable,sentence, theme, novella, fantasy, palindrome, stanza, plot
    Level 2 – antagonist, comedy, alliteration, memoir, chapter, sonnet, tragedy, climax, epic
    Level 3 – dialogue, haiku, soliloquy, ballad, narrative, character, drama, autobiography
    Level 4 – novel, denouement, mystery, onomatopoeia, paragraph, exposition
    Level 5 – genre, allegory, romance, myth, protagonist, reader, synonym, limerick, epilogue

  3. WordBrain 2 word decoder space answers
    Level 1 – meteorite, Venus, corona, radiation, rocket, eclipse, Neptune, telescope, Charon
    Level 2 -earth, galaxy, satellite, ionosphere, moon, mercury, exoplanet, darkness, zodiac
    Level 3 – pulsar, constellation, nebula, Moon, Jupiter, quasar, astronaut, meteoroid, star
    Level 4 – astronaut, orbit, supernova, Uranus, weightlessness, comet, vaccum, Pluto, alien
    Level 5 – universe, cluster, Saturn, sunspot, planet, gravity, mars, wormhole,silence, dust

  4. WordBrain 2 Word Decoder Made of Metal answers
    Level 1- bell, piercing, fork, armor, cleaver, fridge, coathanger, key, earring, whisk, train
    Level 2- freezer, buckle, paperclip, plate, kettle, scissors, necklace, fence, bullet, bolt
    Level 3- knife, pipe, anchor, key, sword, bathtub, battery, ladder, wrench, screwdriver, lamp
    Level 4- whistle, nail, needle, skillet, can, radiator, pylon, engine, chain, padlock, girder
    Level 5- medal, bicycle, boat, coins, screw, horseshoe, foil, hammer, ring, spoon, spring, gate

  5. Word Cryptographer Beach
    Level 1- sunburn, jellyfish, seashell, coral, lighthouse, surfboard, sandbar, boardwalk
    Level 2- scuba, sandcastle, reef, sunstroke, starfish, trunks, cove, sunbathing, seafront
    Level 3- seaweed, swimwear, sandals, pier, yacht, bikini, volleyball, ship, lifeguard, tide
    Level 4- sailboat, swimming, waves, popsicle, towel, driftwood, sunscreen, kayak, seagull
    Level 5- bucket, goggles, fish, snorkel, sarong, sunglasses, ocean, parasol, crab, seashore

  6. Word Cryptographer Biology
    Level 1- chromosome, gene, digestion, testosterone, photosynthesis, organ, neurotoxin
    Level 2- nucleus, decomposition, mutation, cerebrum, reproduction, gestation, insulin
    Level 3- vertebrate, membrane, physiology, hormone, chlorophyll, species, pollination
    Level 4- biomass, exoskeleton, organism, osmosis, respiration, neuron, enzyme, platelet
    Level 5- metabolism, cellulose, pathogen, absorption, molecule, pheromone, antibiotic

  7. Word Cryptographer Music
    Level 1- amplifier, classical, chord, rapper, techno, composer, remix, ballad, timbre, solo
    Level 2- tempo, soul, orchestra, artist, reverb, rhythm, electronic, swing, baritone, metal
    Level 3- soprano, chorus, country, rhyme, ballad, trance, record, conductor, allegro, pitch
    Level 4- composition, album, jazz, harmonic, bebop, verse, blues, harmony, musician, presto
    Level 5- concert, disco, band, grunge, symphony, single, melody, reggae, duet, acoustic, beat

  8. Word Cryptographer Positive Adjectives
    Level 1- compassionate, rational, unassuming, gregarious, exuberant, witty, ambitious
    Level 2- intuitive, assertive, sincere, faithful, adaptable, courteous, jovial, genuine
    Level 3- affectionate, generous, sympathetic, adventurous, reliable, helpful, affable
    Level 4- charming, practical, attractive, considerate, diligent, optimistic, gracious
    Level 5- passionate, resourceful, courageous, inventive, empathetic, caring, sensible

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