Wordbrain Hobbies Answers


These are the updated answers to Wordbrain 2 Hobbies (Word Savior 8×8)
Wordbrain 2 Hobbies Level 1 – Cooking, Yoga, Pottery, Fishing, Topiary, Skating, Billiards, Writing, Skydiving
Wordbrain 2 Hobbies Level 2 – Hiking, Origami, Taxidermy, Singing, Magic, Painting, Sailing, Collecting, Sport
Wordbrain 2 Hobbies Level 3 – Rowing, Gardening, Woodworking, Genealogy, Graffiti, Puzzles, Dancing, Parkour
Wordbrain 2 Hobbies Level 4 – Crocheting, Paintball, Music, Camping, Reading, Skiing, Baking, Climbing, Ballet
Wordbrain 2 Hobbies Level 5 – Gaming, Metalworking, Taekwondo, Crosswords, Quilting, Homebrewing, Knitting

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  1. Level 1: cooking, yoga, pottery, fishing, topiary, skating, taekwondo, writing, skydiving
    Level 2: hiking, origami, taxidermy, singing, magic, painting, sailing, collecting, sport
    Level 3: rowing, gardening, woodworking, genealogy, graffiti, puzzles, dancing, parkour
    Level 4: crocheting, paintball, music, camping, reading, skiing, baking, climbing, ballet
    Level 5: gaming, metalworking, taekwondo, crosswords, quilting, homebrewing, knitting

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