Wordbrain Crime Answers


Stuck in Wordbrain 2 Crime(Word Traveller). Here are the answers.
Wordbrain 2 Crime Level 1 – Arrest, Weapon, Felony, Investigation, Assault, Trespassing, Hijacking, Victim
Wordbrain 2 Crime Level 2 – Forgery, Judge, Abduction, Warrant, Witness, Convict, Forensics, Probation, Jury
Wordbrain 2 Crime Level 3 – Prisoner, Evidence, Autopsy, Laboratory, Smuggling, Gangster, Trial, Blackmail
Wordbrain 2 Crime Level 4 – Testimony, Suspect, Sabotage, Culprit, Accomplice, Fugitive, Detective, Prison
Wordbrain 2 Crime Level 5 – Pickpocket, Arsonist, Burglary, Prosecution, Criminal, Mugging, Police, Vandal

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  1. Crime
    Level 1
    Arrest, weapon, felony, investigation, assault, trespassing, hijacking, victim
    Level 2
    Forgery, judge, abduction, warrant, witness, convict, forensics, probation, jury
    Level 3
    Prisoner, evidence, autopsy, laboratory, smuggling, gangster, trial, blackmail
    Level 4
    Testimony, suspect, sabotage, culprit, accomplice, fugitive, detective, prison
    Level 5
    Pickpocket, arsonist, burglary, prosecution, criminal, mugging, police, vandal

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