Wordbrain Collectibles Answers


These are the updated answers to Wordbrain 2 Collectibles (Word Overlord 8×8)
Wordbrain 2 Collectibles Level 1 – Stamps, Matchbooks, Tickets, Bottles, Memorabilia, Patches, Maps, Paperweights
Wordbrain 2 Collectibles Level 2 – Coins, Seashells, Postcards, Glasses, Gemstones, Records, Dolls, Stickers, Films
Wordbrain 2 Collectibles Level 3 – Autographs, Magazines, Coasters, Figurines, Souvenirs, Props, Lighters, Comics
Wordbrain 2 Collectibles Level 4 – Books, Newspapers, Thimbles, Ornaments, Keyrings, Guitars, Toys, Masks, Antiques
Wordbrain 2 Collectibles Level 5 – Banknotes, Cards, Buttons, Baseballs, Candles, Badges, Watches, Posters, Fossils

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  1. The positioning of the letters is not the same with the app we are using and the ones apparently everyone else who is giving the hints and walkthroughs has. VERY frustrating. The words are the same; however BANKNOTES is on the right side, not the left.
    HELP somebody!

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