Word Guru Answers Level 986 987 988 989 990

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Here are the answers to Word Guru Levels 986 to 990


Word Guru Level 986 – Learnt, Rental, Parent, Planter, (bonus), Antler, Enrapt, Entrap, Planer, Planet, Replant
Word Guru Level 987 – Overt, Trove, Cover, Voter, Covet, Vector, Covert, (bonus), Recto
Word Guru Level 988 – Sing, Sign, Shine, Single, Sleigh, English, (bonus), Glen, Isle, Lens, Lien, Line, Ling, Nigh, Shin, Sigh, Sine, Hinge, Neigh, Sheng, Singe, Sling, Shingle
Word Guru Level 989 – Lean, Loan, Lane, Lone, Alone, (bonus), Eon, Aloe, Elan, Anole
Word Guru Level 990 – Money, Mayor, Roman, Yearn, Manor, Anymore, (bonus), Meany, Moray, Rayon

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