Word Guru Answers Level 866 867 868 869 870

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Here are the answers to Word Guru Levels 866 to 870


Word Guru Level 866 – Slum, Sulk, Musk, Soul, Skull, Mollusk, (bonus), Moll, Mull, Sumo, Souk
Word Guru Level 867 – Belt, Reel, Tree, Beer, Beet, Treble
Word Guru Level 868 – Cider, Since, Siren, Resin, Cinder, Rinsed, Discern, (bonus), Cried, Dicer, Diner, Nicer, Rinse, Risen, Sider, Snide, Rescind
Word Guru Level 869 – Ever, Rice, Veer, Vice, Receive, (bonus), Rive
Word Guru Level 870 – Cult, Rule, Clue, Cute, Cruel, Ulcer, Truce, Culture, (bonus), Cert, Cure, Curl, Curt, Ecru, Lure, Lute, True, Tule, Cruet, Cuter, Lucre

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