Word Guru Answers Level 851 852 853 854 855

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Here are the answers to Word Guru Levels 851 to 855


Word Guru Level 851 – Pet, Set, Spelt, Lept, Pelt, Step, Slept, (bonus), Let, Tel, Lest, Pest
Word Guru Level 852 – Pole, Poet, Plot, Pile, Tile, Toil, Lite, Polite, (bonus), Lept, Lope, Pelt, Tole
Word Guru Level 853 – Slap, Pale, Lease, Lapse, Sleep, Easel, Asleep, (bonus), Apse, Ease, Else, Leap, Peal, Peel, Plea, Sale, Seal, Seep, Sepal, Elapse, Please
Word Guru Level 854 – Rater, Trade, Tread, Trader, (bonus), Darer, Dater, Drear, Rated, Terra, Darter, Retard, Tarred
Word Guru Level 855 – Later, Clear, React, Alter, Cleat, Trail, Alert, Article, (bonus), Carte, Cater, Crate, Eclat, Irate, Lacer, Litre, Relic, Trace, Trial, Trice, Recital

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