Word Guru Answers Level 791 792 793 794 795

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Here are the answers to Word Guru Levels 791 to 795


Word Guru Level 791 – Lie, She, Hen, Sleigh, Single, English, Shingle, (bonus), Gel, Gen, Gin, Hie, His, Leg, Lei, Sen, Sin
Word Guru Level 792 – Mad, Dam, Mead, Made, Maze, Amaze, Amazed, (bonus), Adze, Dama, Daze, Dame
Word Guru Level 793 – Bye, Rub, Ruby, Bury, Berry, Buyer, Rubbery, (bonus), Bey, Bub, Buy, Ebb, Rue, Rye, Yer, Burb, Burr, Rube, Rebuy
Word Guru Level 794 – Lot, Too, Out, Tool, Look, Loot, Lookout, Outlook, (bonus), Loo, Lout, Took
Word Guru Level 795 – Sit, Tip, Pity, Spit, Tipsy, Typist, (bonus), Its, Pit, Psi, Spy, Sip, Tis

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