Word Guru Answers Level 776 777 778 779 780

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Here are the answers to Word Guru Levels 776 to 780


Word Guru Level 776 – Lens, Seen, Else, Less, Sense, Lessen
Word Guru Level 777 – Rig, Hit, Grit, Right, Girth, (bonus), Git, Trig
Word Guru Level 778 – One, Elm, Lone, Mole, Omen, Lemon, Melon, (bonus), Eon, Men, Mol, Neo, Ole, Nome
Word Guru Level 779 – For, Over, Rover, Fervor, (bonus), Foe, Fro, Ore, Ref, Rev, Roe, Fore, Rove
Word Guru Level 780 – Fur, Fee, Rug, Free, Refuge, Refugee, (bonus), Ere, Feu, Ref, Reg, Rue, Reef, Urge

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