Word Guru Answers Level 1246 1247 1248 1249 1250

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Here are the answers to Word Guru Levels 1246 to 1250


Word Guru Level 1246 – Loser, Stole, Sorbet, Lobster, Bolster, (bonus), Serbo, Sober, Store, Sterol, Strobe
Word Guru Level 1247 – Belt, Able, Late, Battle, Tablet, (bonus), Abet, Bale, Batt, Beat, Beta, Blat, Tale, Teal, Teat
Word Guru Level 1248 – Leap, Tale, Plate, Leapt, Petal, (bonus), Late, Lept, Pale, Pate, Peal, Peat, Pelt, Plat, Plea, Tape, Teal, Pleat
Word Guru Level 1249 – Great, Treat, Grate, Target, (bonus), Tater, Tetra
Word Guru Level 1250 – Car, Rat, Rot, Coat, Cart, Taco, Actor, (bonus), Act, Arc, Art, Cat, Cot, Oar, Oat, Orc, Roc, Tao, Tar, Tor, Orca, Rota, Taro, Croat

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