Word Guru Answers Level 1241 1242 1243 1244 1245

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Here are the answers to Word Guru Levels 1241 to 1245


Word Guru Level 1241 – Cur, Shun, Churn, Crush, Scrunch, (bonus), Run, Sun, Urn, Rush, Such
Word Guru Level 1242 – Tea, Eat, Head, Death, Hated, (bonus), Ate, Had, Hat, Tad, The, Date, Hate, Heat
Word Guru Level 1243 – Sure, Core, Curse, Score, Source, Course, (bonus), Cure, Ecru, Euro, Rose, Ruse, Sore, Sour, User, Corse, Rouse, Scour
Word Guru Level 1244 – Sent, Site, Test, Tent, Inset, Sting, Stint, Setting, (bonus), Gent, Gist, Gite, Nest, Nite, Sign, Sine, Sing, Snit, Tine, Ting, Tint, Singe, Stein, Stent, Tinge, Testing
Word Guru Level 1245 – Ten, Sit, Lie, Set, Inset, Silent, (bonus), Its, Lei, Let, Lit, Net, Sen, Sin, Tel, Tie, Til, Tin, Tis, Inlet, Intel, Islet, Stein, Stile, Enlist, Listen, Tinsel

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