Word Guru Answers Level 1186 1187 1188 1189 1190

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Here are the answers to Word Guru Levels 1186 to 1190


Word Guru Level 1186 – Ask, Ate, Sat, Sea, Stake, Steak, Skate, (bonus), Eat, Set, Ska, Tea
Word Guru Level 1187 – Able, Lake, Bake, Leak, Balk, Bleak, (bonus), Bale, Beak, Kale
Word Guru Level 1188 – Cite, Tale, Attic, Tacit, Title, Tactile, (bonus), Clit, Etic, Lace, Late, Lite, Tact, Tail, Talc, Tali, Teal, Teat, Tile, Tilt, Cleat, Eclat, Latte, Lattice
Word Guru Level 1189 – Life, Feel, File, Flee, Beef, Bile, Belief
Word Guru Level 1190 – React, Crate, Cater, Trace, Retrace, (bonus), Carer, Carte, Eater, Erect, Racer, Rater, Terra, Terre, Caterer, Terrace

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