Word Guru Answers Level 1141 1142 1143 1144 1145

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Here are the answers to Word Guru Levels 1141 to 1145


Word Guru Level 1141 – Gate, Tame, Mate, Manage, Magnet, Magnate, (bonus), Amen, Ante, Game, Gent, Gnat, Mage, Mane, Mean, Meat, Mega, Meta, Name, Neat, Tang, Team, Agnate, Magenta, Nametag
Word Guru Level 1142 – Lay, Say, Fly, Fail, Flay, Sail, Slay, Falsify, (bonus), Sly, Ail, Iffy
Word Guru Level 1143 – Stay, Easy, Seat, Safe, Fast, Fate, Safety, (bonus), East, Feat, Feta, Sate
Word Guru Level 1144 – Her, The, Here, Ether, There, Three, (bonus), Ere, Ret, Tee, Tree
Word Guru Level 1145 – Tear, Race, Trace, Cater, React, Crate, (bonus), Acre, Care, Cart, Cert, Rate, Tare, Carte

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