Word Guru Answers Level 1081 1082 1083 1084 1085

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Here are the answers to Word Guru Levels 1081 to 1085


Word Guru Level 1081 – Heart, Treat, Earth, Threat, (bonus), Hater, Tater, Tetra, Theta, Hatter
Word Guru Level 1082 – Come, Poem, Mole, Lope, Complex, (bonus), Clop, Comp, Cope, Expo, Mope, Pole
Word Guru Level 1083 – Last, Stay, Salt, Slay, Nasty, Salty, Slant, Analyst, (bonus), Anal, Slat, Antsy, Atlas, Nasal, Natal, Satay, Tansy
Word Guru Level 1084 – Site, Rest, Rise, Tier, Sister, (bonus), Rite, Sire, Stir, Tyre, Resist
Word Guru Level 1085 – Poet, Rope, Retro, Report, Porter, (bonus), Pert, Pore, Port, Repo, Rort, Rote, Tore, Torr, Repot, Repro, Roper, Trope

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