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Here are the answers to Word Cafe Vodka Level 259 to 268.


Word Cafe Vodka Level 259 – Notice, Not, One, Into, Net, Once, Nice, Ice, Ion, Tin, Coin, Icon, Con, Cot, Tone, Tonic, Noetic, Etic, Ontic, Note, Ton, Cite, Cone, Cote, Nite, Tic, Tine, Nit, Etc, Ten, Toe, Gent, Tie, Cine, Otic, Eon
Word Cafe Vodka Level 260 – Leader, Are, Deal, Real, Dealer, Era, Ear, Deer, Dale, Elder, Ale, Reel, Lard, Alder, Lad, Earl, Dare, Lea, Ere, Rede, Leer, Rad, Dal, Read, Eel, Red, Lead, Led, Dear, Reed
Word Cafe Vodka Level 261 – Rabbit, Art, Air, Bit, Bar, Brat, Rat, Tab, Rabbi, Bait, Rib, Barb, Bib, Bat, Bra, Tar
Word Cafe Vodka Level 262 – Wallet, All, Law, Tell, Late, Wat, Awe, Wall, Eat, Tall, Lat, Welt, Awl, Leal, Well, Let, Tel, Tea, Wet, Tale, Alt, Lea, Ale, Teal, Weal
Word Cafe Vodka Level 263 – During, Run, Drug, Ring, Ding, Gun, Grid, Rid, Dig, Gin, Urn, Ruin, Grind, Rig, Grin, Dug, Gnu, Rug, Din, Rind, Dung, Rung, Gird, Dun
Word Cafe Vodka Level 264 – Behind, End, Bid, Bed, Bin, Hide, Bend, Bind, Hen, Nib, Dine, Hind, Hie, Die, Den, Din, Bide
Word Cafe Vodka Level 265 – Expert, Per, Tree, Peter, Pet, Peer, Rep, Tee, Ret, Exert, Pert, Ere, Pee
Word Cafe Vodka Level 266 – Should, Old, Hold, Sold, Soul, Loud, Duo, Lush, Shod, Sod, Hod, Oud, Shul, Sou, Duh
Word Cafe Vodka Level 267 – Cruise, Rue, Curse, Cue, Ice, Rise, Rice, Sir, Sue, Cure, Ire, Sire, Ruse, Sure, Rec, Cur, Sec, Use, User, Uric, Ecru
Word Cafe Vodka Level 268 – Intake, Take, Net, Tin, Kit, Eat, Tea, Ink, Tank, Ant, Knit, Neat, Kite, Kin, Teak, Akin, Tine, Tan, Ante, Anti, Ten, Tie, Nite, Nit, Tenia, Tinea, Tike

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