Word Cafe Saurian Answers

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Here are the answers to Word Cafe Saurian Level 459 to 468.


Word Cafe Saurian Level 459 – Flinty, Fit, Fly, Tiny, Lift, Tin, Nifty, Flit, Lint, Lit, Fin, Til, Nil, Flint, Yin, Nit, Linty
Word Cafe Saurian Level 460 – Subset, Bet, Use, Best, Set, Sub, Tube, Buses, Bust, Stub, Sue, Uses, Bus, Sets, Tube, But, Tub, Tubes, Bets, Subs, Tubs, Sues, Buts, Busts, Stubs, Suet
Word Cafe Saurian Level 461 – Border, Order, Red, Robe, Bored, Redo, Doer, Bed, Borer, Bred, Rob, Rod, Doe, Err, Bore, Ore, Bro, Deb, Roe, Orb, Bod, Ode, Bode, Robed, Rode
Word Cafe Saurian Level 462 – Sesame, See, Same, Sea, Seems, Mass, Mess, Seam, Ease, Seem, Sees, Mesa, Seas, Seams, Eases
Word Cafe Saurian Level 463 – Recipe, Price, Piece, Ice, Rice, Peer, Ripe, Epic, Pierce, Creep, Ire, Per, Pic, Rep, Pee, Pie, Rec, Rip, Pier, Crepe, Ere, Pice, Peri
Word Cafe Saurian Level 464 – Thorny, North, Hot, Try, Toy, Horn, Torn, Thorn, Not, Nor, Thy, Hon, Ton, Tor, Rot, Yon, Hoy, Nth, Tyro
Word Cafe Saurian Level 465 – Plaque, Equal, Lap, Pale, Leap, Plea, Ape, Peal, Ale, Pea, Pal, Lea, Alp
Word Cafe Saurian Level 466 – Remote, Term, Meet, Meter, Metro, Mere, Rote, Mete, Meteor, Teem, More, Tree, Tom, Met, Rome, Toe, Tee, Rem, Tome, Ret, Tor, Ore, Roe, Mot, Rot, Tore, Emote, Mote, Ere
Word Cafe Saurian Level 467 – Nobble, One, Bone, Noble, Lone, Ebb, Lobe, Lob, Blob, Bob, Noel, Ole, Bel, Bole, Eon, Nob, Ebon
Word Cafe Saurian Level 468 – Deceit, Edit, Diet, Tie, Cited, Tide, Dice, Edict, Tic, Etc, Die, Ice, Tee, Tied, Cite, Dit, Iced, Cede, Etic, Ceed, Teed

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