Word Cafe Martini Answers

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Here are the answers to Word Cafe Martini Level 409 to 418.


Word Cafe Martini Level 409 – Duffel, Fuel, Fed, Flu, Duel, Feud, Flue, Luff, Elf, Due, Duff, Eff, Fled, Duffle, Feu, Led
Word Cafe Martini Level 410 – Ligate, Get, Late, Tag, Gate, Tail, Gel, Tale, Gale, Tile, Lag, Teal, Gite, Let, Age, Tel, Eat, Tea, Leg, Tie, Lie, Lat, Lite, Alt, Lit, Ate, Til, Gal, Lea, Ale, Lei, Agile, Gilt, Ail, Git, Gait, Tali
Word Cafe Martini Level 411 – Crabby, Baby, Bar, Arc, Cry, Cab, Crab, Bray, Barb, Ray, Car, Bay, Bra, Carb, Cay, Racy, Cabby
Word Cafe Martini Level 412 – Splice, Ice, Clips, Lips, Spice, Slip, Slice, Pile, Pics, Sec, Pic, Clip, Lies, Lie, Isle, Pie, Spec, Lip, Epic, Psi, Sip, Sic, Lisp, Lei, Pies, Piles, Ices, Lice, Spiel, Pice, Epics
Word Cafe Martini Level 413 – Braved, Read, Bar, Bed, Bread, Bra, Beard, Raved, Bared, Adverb, Bare, Drab, Bade, Ave, Are, Red, Bad, Dev, Bear, Dear, Era, Ear, Rev, Brad, Dare, Brave, Bead, Verb, Rad, Rave, Deb, Bred, Dab, Bard, Aver, Abed
Word Cafe Martini Level 414 – Orphan, Pro, Pan, Par, Ran, Rap, Horn, Harp, Apron, Oar, Hoar, Porn, Nor, Hop, Hon, Nap, Ora, Roan, Hap, Nah, Hora
Word Cafe Martini Level 415 – Export, Pet, Toe, Pot, Poet, Ore, Roe, Pert, Repot, Rope, Opt, Tore, Top, Per, Pro, Port, Rep, Expo, Ret, Tor, Rot, Rote, Repo, Pore, Trope, Pox
Word Cafe Martini Level 416 – Acidly, Day, Daily, Dial, Lay, Laid, Clay, Lid, Icy, Idly, Lacy, Cay, Aid, Acid, Lady, Cad, Clad, Dal, Lad, Ail
Word Cafe Martini Level 417 – Shadow, Was, Show, Wash, Soda, Wads, Dow, Shod, Haw, Dash, Ash, Has, Who, How, Had, Ads, Saw, Sad, Shaw, Sod, Sow, Ado, Wad, Hod, Shad, Dhow, Whoa, Woad
Word Cafe Martini Level 418 – Voiced, Video, Code, Void, Vice, Dive, Dice, Cove, Ode, Voice, Die, Dev, Ice, Doc, Cod, Vid, Doe, Eco, Deco, Dove, Vie, Coed, Iced, Vied

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