Wordbrain Literature Answers

Stuck in Wordbrain 2 Literature (Word Savant 6×7). Here are the answers.

Wordbrain 2

Wordbrain 2 Literature Level 1
Wordbrain 2 Literature Level 2
Wordbrain 2 Literature Level 3
Wordbrain 2 Literature Level 4
Wordbrain 2 Literature Level 5

Wordbrain 2 Literature Answers Video

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  1. where are the answers for wordbrain decoder literature 8×8 lev 1-5? I love this game but if I can’t move past 97 % it is pointless. Zell the hard work up until now is wasted. I won’t play any games if You can’t sort this.

  2. 1. poet, metaphor, fable, sentence, theme, novella, fantasy, palindrome, stanza, plot
    2. antagonist, comedy, alliteration, memoir, chapter, sonnet, tragedy, climax, epic
    3. dialogue, haiku, soliloquy, ballad, narrative, character, drama,autobiography
    4. novel, denouement, mystery, onomatopoeia, elegy, author, paragraph, exposition
    5. genre, allegory, romance, myth, protagonist, reader, synonym, limerick, epilogue
    I hope this help. These answers are for Wordbrain 2

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