Wordbrain Research Answers

Stuck in Wordbrain 2 Research (Word Star 8×8). Here are the answers.
Wordbrain 2
Wordbrain 2 Research Level 1 – Axiom, Qualitative, Iteration, Test, Data, Observe, Equation, Experiment, Theory (VRDNXRYN)
Wordbrain 2 Research Level 2 – Biology, Organize, Evaluate, Psychology, Skill, Study, Researcher, Book, Journal (LYZIKLBR)


Wordbrain 2 Research Level 3 – Article, Student, Professor, Fact, Length, Math, Statistics, Hypothesis, Physics(PTRICSSH)
Wordbrain 2 Research Level 4 – Tesla, Formula, School, University, Evidence, Doctor, Falsify, Development, Cell(DEETTYLE)
Wordbrain 2 Research Level 5 – Methodology, Flask, Ohm, Volume, Molecule, Report, Gene, Atom, Quantitative, Brain(OTAVEYEM)

Wordbrain themes Research

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