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Stuck in Wordbrain 2 Emotions (Word Jedi 7×7). Here are the answers.
Wordbrain 2
Wordbrain 2 Emotions Level 1 – Contempt, Despair, Stress, Decisive, Surprised, Anxious, Fear (YDERERD)
Wordbrain 2 Emotions Level 2 – Grumpy, Interested, Passionate, Powerful, Desperate, Lonely (DGDSSFL)


Wordbrain 2 Emotions Level 3 – Unhappy, Ecstatic, Annoyed, Irritable, Insecure, Nervous, Sad (SATCSAE)
Wordbrain 2 Emotions Level 4 – Happy, Shame, Worried, Disgusted, Guilt, Embarrassed, Lustful (ELITEYE)
Wordbrain 2 Emotions Level 5 – Jealousy, Angry, Pensive, Rejected, Exasperated, Frustrated (RPDSESS)

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One Comment

  1. Hi, can anyone help me with wordbrain2 level 4. emotions & feelings. My letters start from ELITEYE
    2nd row. NTDSNAT
    3rd row AOETDLR
    4th row FSSRGEP
    5th row URAIRNS
    6th Row PEEYUEE
    7th row OWPPMOL
    I can get the first word GRUMPY, but that’s all, when I look at the answers level 4 has completely got letters in different spot then mine, please help.

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