Wordbrain Cooking Verbs Answers

Stuck in Wordbrain 2 Cooking Verbs (Word Oracle 8×8). Here are the answers.
Wordbrain 2
Wordbrain 2 Cooking Verbs Level 1 – Bake, Caramelize, Drain, Garnish, Mash, Marinate, Peel, Roast, Slice, Stew, Roll, Skim


Wordbrain 2 Cooking Verbs Level 2 – Barbecue, Chill, Drizzle, Glaze, Broil, Measure, Puree, Sear, Skin, Whisk, Bread, Stir
Wordbrain 2 Cooking Verbs Level 3 – Baste, Chop, Ferment, Grate, Knead, Melt, Pulp, shred, Smoke, Tenderize, Spread, Drain
Wordbrain 2 Cooking Verbs Level 4 – Batter, Fry, Fillet, Grill, Layer, Parboil, Reduce, Season, Soak, Julienne, Blend, Dip
Wordbrain 2 Cooking Verbs Level 5 – Beat, Dice, Flambe, Brown, Boil, Mix, Poach, Scramble, Steam, Thicken, Simmer, Squeaze

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