Wordbrain Containers Answers

Stuck in Wordbrain 2 Containers (Word Shepherd 8×8). Here are the answers.
Wordbrain 2
Wordbrain 2 Containers Level 1 – Backpack, Bucket, Crate, Glass, Locker, Pouch, Suitcase, Chest, Chalice, Barrel, Can
Wordbrain 2 Containers Level 2 – Baggage, Reliquary, Drum, Goblet, Luggage, Purse, Trunk, Beaker, Cooler, Basin, Tank


Wordbrain 2 Containers Level 3 – Basket, Canteen, Envelope, Handbag, Lunchbox, Satchel, Case, Carryall, Safe, Hutch
Wordbrain 2 Containers Level 4 – Bottle, Carafe, Flask, Hamper, Packet, Saddlebag, Vault, Goblet, Wallet, Cartridge
Wordbrain 2 Containers Level 5 – Briefcase, Carton, Folder, Knapsack, Pocket, Bin, Jar, Coffer, Capsule, Wrapper, Cup

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