Wordbrain Camping Answers

Stuck in Wordbrain 2 Camping (Word Savant 6×7). Here are the answers.
Wordbrain 2
Wordbrain 2 Camping Level 1 – Boot, Rope, Trekking, Knife, Lake, Fire, Ice, Flashlight (FACKGE)
Wordbrain 2 Camping Level 2 – Tent, Hike, Fishing, Air, Sun, Cap, Fly, Thermos, Raincoat (SERLRS)


Wordbrain 2 Camping Level 3 – Forest, River, Cloud, Hat, Rain, Wildlife, Snake, Insect (WELDEC)
Wordbrain 2 Camping Level 4 – Nature, Mattress, Kayak, Trail, Photo, Animals, Spider (TOHLRT)
Wordbrain 2 Camping Level 5 – Map, Canoe, Boat, Campfire, Backpack, Lantern, Bug, Fish (EKEEHL)

Wordbrain 2 Camping Answers Video

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  1. Most of the videos are outdated,the words are now scrambled entirely new ways so the videos are useless
    As are the keys in relationship to the order (i.e level 5=level 1 4=level 2 and so on)

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